Boys Varsity Football - MS · JSMS falls 2 yards short of advancement at DeKalb County

20 Trousdale County High School
28 DeKalb County
Away   Home
Away Home
Trousdale County High School vs DeKalb County
20 28
1 14   -
2 -   6
3 -   8
4 6   6
OT1 -   8

JSMS came out fired up Saturday morning. With the pleasant sunny weather at their backs, the Yellow Jackets were buzzing on their first series of offense. The Junior Jackets marched their first possession down the field in steady chunks. Nice powerful runs by Chandler Clemmons and Will Lessman helped to put the Saints of Smithville on their heals. Kyson Noble also added some useful yardage off-tackle. Once getting into the redzone, Chandler Clemmons capped the drive with a bulldozer explosion through a DeKalb defender. The 2 point conversion was added by Will Lessman and JSMS took an early 7-0 lead. After a big defensive stand including 2 big tackles for loss by Larenz Watkins and Quinton Moore, the Jackets took control of the ball again after forcing a turnover on downs. The Yellow Jackets move the ball deep into Saint territory before being stopped on 3rd down. On 4th down though, Aiden Young found Noah Cook streaking down the left sideline for another JSMS touchdown. The 2 point conversion failed and the junior Jackets extended their lead 14-0. Late in the 1st quarter, DeKalb County finally found some life on 3rd down when they threw a deep pass down the right sideline. The pass was tipped up into the air by a Jacket defender attempting an interception, and then snagged away by a swift-footed Saint receiver. As the 2nd quarter began, the home team finally got onto the scoreboard after a couple of short throws to the flat and then tough runs off-tackle by their quarterback. Their 2 point conversion failed, and JSMS retained the lead 14-6. The Yellow Jackets made another impressive offensive drive work deep into DeKalb territory, but ran out of time in the red zone. JSMS held the halftime lead 14-6.
DeKalb County received the 2nd half kick-off near midfield and tried to put together a nice drive to tie the game up. But after Will Lessman blew-up an off-tackle running play in the backfield & Ethan West secured the tackle for a loss, the Saints launched another deep pass down the right sideline. This time the Jackets were in better position, and Noah Cook snatched a much needed Yellow Jacket interception. With possession of the ball, the Jackets tried to extend the lead with another drive of their own. With punch and counter-punch, the teams exchanged possessions once again. But after the Yellow Jackets turned the ball over on downs–the home team found a fresh breath of life. On a 3rd down play, the Saints’ quarterback countered the Jacket defense to make a long run deep into JSMS territory. The big play ignited the home crowd and the Saints fed off their enthusiasm. On the next play, DeKalb County ran a successful speed option toward their sideline; the eventual pitch from the quarterback to the running back resulted in a TD for the home team. Their 2 point conversion was successful and the Jackets & Saints were then tied 14-14.
As the 4th quarter got underway, the Yellow Jackets began to move the ball successfully again in chunks. Chandler Clemmons, Will Lessman, and Kyson Noble helped move the ball behind some really good blocking provided by Quinton Moore, Aiden Young, Larenz Watkins, Brock Carman, and Ethan West. The powerful drive was finally rewarded when Chandler Clemmons received a toss and plowed his way into the redzone after cutting back inside. The 2 point play, however, failed when a misaligned formation wasn’t allowed a time-out to readjust. The Yellow Jackets led 20-14. DeKalb County didn’t panic though. They showed their own version of resilience by igniting another scoring drive of their own. At midfield on 3rd down and long–after a Larenz Watkins tackle for loss and Aiden Young quarterback sack–the Saints quarterback threw a nice strike to his inside receiver from a trips formation. The huge play gave the home team momentum, and after another quick throw outside that took the ball deep into the redzone, the Saints scored on an outside run. The 2 point conversion failed and DeKalb County tied the contest up again 20-20. The Yellow Jackets regained possession and began to move the ball once again. However–time was swiftly running out. After a few 3rd down conversions and the use of remaining timeouts, the Yellow Jackets were almost in scoring position. Two more big runs were added by Chandler Clemmons–where he displayed great situational awareness by running out of bounds to stop the clock. The Yellow Jackets entered the red zone. But after two dramatic throws to the endzone fell incomplete, the game went into overtime.
Overtime was a disappointment for the Yellow Jackets unfortunately. DeKalb County received the first possession and their ballcarriers made two really nice football plays when it mattered the most…forcing missed tackles at the line of scrimmage and scoring in just 2 plays on broken assignments. The 2 point conversion was successful, and the Saints took their first lead of the game 20-28. The Yellow Jackets took their offensive possession next and quickly made things tough on themselves–missed blocks resulted in loss of yardage. On 4th down and 4 yards to go–and the dramatic game on the line–the Yellow Jacket runner was poised to make a conversion as he turned inside seeing daylight. However, the open hole collapsed after a broken block and he fell short by 2 yards. DeKalb County skipped away with a 20-28 victory over JSMS.